The Executive Demo Vehicle Advantage

Here at Mercedes Benz of St George we love to showcase our gently driven vehicles that prove to have our highest value. With very low miles, the factory warranty, and all the same incentives including purchase options as our new vehicles these are the hidden gems that our employees, and their family and friends often purchase for themselves. Premium cars at a premium value provide an unmatched excitement behind the wheel and in your wallet.

What is an Executive Demo?

They are our most desired models optioned right and gently used for a short time to allow our great service customers to borrow a vehicle while we service theirs.

Why Should I Buy an Executive Demo Vehicle?

  • Our highest value vehicles
  • Premium models deeply discounted
  • Very low miles and gently driven
  • Verifiable driving history
  • Meticulously cared for from day one
  • Certified inspection performed
  • Factory warranty with additional extended warranty options
  • Qualify for new car incentives and lease programs

Executive Demo Vehicles

Low Miles. High Value.

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