Schedule Service

Schedule Mercedes-Benz Service in St. George, UT

At the Mercedes-Benz of St. George dealership, we try to make it easy for our St. George and Santa Clara customers to schedule appointments online. New customers just need to start by specifying the vehicle’s exact brand. There aren’t many options in this menu, making this an easy part of the appointment scheduling procedure at our dealership. Customers also have to choose a model and year, and those characteristics have their own menus. Both of these menus also include significantly more options, but finding the right entry shouldn’t take long. They can then type in the car’s mileage number.

However, we do give people the option to make the appointment anyway. Customers who don’t have all of the information that this step requires can get around by pressing a button at the bottom of this first page. Our technicians at the Mercedes-Benz of St. George dealership will be able to work on a range of different Mercedes vehicles. Facts related to the exact vehicle can help our technicians prepare, but Ivins and Washington customers can get the automotive repairs and maintenance that they need either way.

Customer Transportation During Maintenance

The Mercedes-Benz of St. George dealership tries to make the overall transportation process easier for all of our customers – we have a shuttle available. During this next step in the scheduling process, Ivins customers can make it clear that they’ll need to use that shuttle service. They can also say that they will not need any help with transportation. People in that situation will just be dropping off their vehicles. Santa Clara customers can also indicate at this stage that they will be staying in our waiting area.

The Service Appointment Date

At the next appointment scheduling step, Washington and St. George customers can pick an appointment date and time. They’ll see a calendar presented before them, as well as a lot of different labeled time spots. If those spots are still available, the buttons will be green. Otherwise, the buttons will be pink, and people will not be able to select them anyway. The evening appointment spots tend to be claimed very quickly, although this trend varies.

On this page, there is also an empty box in the left corner. Drivers can use this box to describe their specific automotive issues. They don’t have to go into too much detail, although it’s certainly worthwhile to give our technicians as much information as possible at this point. Santa Clara and St. George customers usually shouldn’t have a problem making appointments at the Mercedes-Benz of St. George dealership.

Recall Notice

Please contact a Service Coordinator at (435) 634-7540 to review all campaigns, recalls, and parts availability prior to scheduling a reservation to have a recall/campaign performed.  Please have your vehicle’s VIN number ready.

Loaner Vehicle Notice

Please contact a Service Coordinator at (435) 634-7540 to schedule a reservation if a loaner vehicle will be needed.