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Are you in the market for a new car but too busy to spend an entire weekend bouncing between dealerships and floor salesmen? Do you find yourself wondering, “How do I buy a car online near me?”
Buying a vehicle over the internet is quickly becoming a standard practice throughout the automotive industry, and buying a car online is now easier than ever. Here at Mercedes-Benz of St. George, we understand that coming into a car dealership isn’t always the most feasible option for your busy schedule. Your time is valuable, and that’s why all of our vehicles are also available for online purchase and delivery to your location. Whether you are local to St. George, Cedar City, and Mesquite area or live in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, or further, you can buy a vehicle without ever walking into our building.
You read that correctly; Mercedes-Benz of St. George offers a stress- and hassle-free virtual alternative to the traditional in-person buying experience.
Here are some common questions many people have when deciding if buying a car on the internet is a good fit for them.

Can I Get A Car Delivered To Me?

Yes. Be sure to mention this to your sales associate so that we can include shipping in your price quote.
Once the paperwork is signed and the lender you are financing through gives the go-ahead, we can have your car, truck, or SUV delivered anywhere in the United States, even Hawaii.

How do I buy a car online?

Our online buying process offers a series of carefully choreographed steps designed to move you through your car purchase smoothly.
Step one: Choose a vehicle. Mercedes-Benz of St. George offers a wide variety of new and pre-owned vehicles for sale. Simply go to our website and choose the vehicle or vehicles that best suit your wants/needs and make an inquiry.
Step two: Information exchange. Once you have decided which vehicle you are interested in, one of our online sales representatives will reach out to you. During this meet and greet, we will take extra time to gather information pertinent to the purchase process. Some of the questions may include:
Do you have a trade? If so, do you owe any money on your trade-in?
Are you in the Mesquite, Cedar City, or St. George area? Do you plan on having the vehicle delivered, or would you like to come to the dealership to pick it up?
Are you planning to finance? Or were you going to pay cash?
Is the vehicle going to be solely in your name? Do you have a co-buyer?
We will also want to confirm your credit score, current physical address, and make sure you have a valid driver’s license.
Step three: Finalizing the sale. The hard work is done. Now all you need to do is sign paperwork and get your keys. We established how to go about delivering your vehicle during the information exchange and are now en-route to your home with the paperwork. Once everything is signed, you can anticipate seeing your vehicle in your driveway within the week (unless, of course, you live in Hawaii, then maybe give us a little more time).

Do I have to test drive a car to buy it?

No, a test drive is not required in order to purchase. It is, however, recommended.
Many people choose to forgo the test drive as they are already comfortable and confident in the Mercedes-Benz brand quality. If you do want to take your vehicle of interest for a test drive, however, your sales associate can set up a time for a VIP appointment at your earliest convenience.

Is it safe to buy a car online?

Yes. In order to ensure the safety of your personal information, we employ secure servers through each digital step of the sale. Then, in order to further protect you, our customer, a hand-picked notary will come directly to your home or business and verify your identity through photo ID and fingerprinting before proceeding with signing. Finally, after all of the documents of sale have been signed, we can send your vehicle on its way. We aren’t done though! During the loading of your vehicle, onto the transport truck, our delivery team will confirm the condition of your car, truck or SUV to make sure it leaves our lot in the condition you purchased it. We are honored that you would entrust us with your vehicle purchase and take every precaution to ensure you the best dealership experience you have ever had.

How does delivering a vehicle work?

If you live in the St. George, Cedar City, or Mesquite area, we can usually drive the vehicle to your home. If you are further than those locations, we will more than likely use a transport company. While these companies are experts in automotive logistics, we always make sure to personally verify the condition of your purchase before it leaves our hands. The transportation costs and shipping time frame will differ depending on how far from St. George, Utah, you live. Transport to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City, for instance, doesn’t usually exceed any more than a week.

How do I pay for a car that I buy online?

Paying for a vehicle you are buying online is practically the same as paying for one you see on our showroom floor. There is only one difference; we go to you instead of you coming to us. Once the price is agreed up, we will send a notary to your home, office, or other previously agreed-upon location to sign all the paperwork. When we receive the paperwork back and your lender gives us the go-ahead, we can send the vehicle your way.
We cannot deliver a vehicle to you until after the financial portion is secured.
Keep in mind that you can also come into the dealership to sign paperwork and pick up your vehicle.

Does it save time to buy a car online?

The online car buying experience will definitely save you time. One of the most common frustrations customers have with purchasing a new car, truck, or SUV is the wait. When you buy online, you can go about your busy day while we do all the work. Say goodbye to sitting at a car dealership for hours and waiting for a lender to call back with an approval. Say hello to multitasking at its best—buying a car and going to that work meeting at the exact same time.

Is it complicated to buy a car, truck, or SUV online?

No, buying online is not complicated. We may ask for more information or documentation upfront. The above scenario can often come across as unnecessarily complicated, but these requests ensure smoother buying further down the line.

Why buy a car online near me?

From the traditional walk-in to the doorstep delivery, we can tailor your purchase to your individual needs. Perhaps you started your search with the question, “How do I buy a car online near me?” but you are now reconsidering. Buying a car online does not have to mean pre-packaging your car, truck, or SUV to your doorstep. It does mean we can customize your purchase to your wants and needs. Mercedes-Benz of St. George offers many variations to the buying experience. Perhaps you simply want to get the paperwork out of the way before you come in person—we can do this. Maybe you would like to handle negotiations over the phone and only go into the dealership to sign and drive—this is possible. Perhaps you live in Salt Lake City or Las Vegas and only have enough time for a test drive—we can send the paperwork to you and have the vehicle delivered.
Buying a car entirely in person is not for everyone. The good news? It’s not the only way you can purchase a vehicle. Thanks to modern technology, Mercedes-Benz of St. George has plenty of buying options and opportunities that you can make from the comfort of your home.

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