Maui Jim’s and Mercedes

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It is that time of year again. The time when the delicious desert sun has started to turn up the temperature and slowly bake the landscape in a heat that sends us all scrambling to the nearest automotive service center for a quick check-up on those crucial and sometimes sensitive vehicle components. It is the time of year where we all get to wait in the deep, cold air conditioning and watch as the sun moves slowly across the sky.
Well, at least that is what we are supposed to be doing, right? Getting our vehicles checked on?
When was the last time you had your oil changed and your a/c checked? When was the last time you found yourself wandering around a dealership like Mercedes-Benz of St. George? Did you enjoy a cup of their state-of-the-art bean to brew coffee? Did you take a test drive in a car, truck, or SUV from their impressive vehicle line-up? Were you actually waiting for your oil change and tire rotation? Or were you there for the soda machine?

Either way, and most importantly, while you were there, did you happen to notice the impressive selection of Maui Jim sunglasses for sale?
That is right. Not only does Mercedes-Benz of St. George have the most diverse inventory in southern Utah, but they also offer, for sale, the largest independently owned sunglasses brand in the world.
You read that correctly. Mercedes-Benz of St. George is a Maui Jim authorized retailer.
Now you can enjoy the German luxury of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, or the first in its class Mercedes-Benz GLB 250, or the design and performance of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, all while sporting a little fashion forward Hawaiin spirit. And you can do all of that while staying right here in southern Utah.

Originally designed to compete with the intense glare of an island sun, Maui Jim’s patented polarized lenses enhance the visual experience of every wearer and boast an impressive one hundred percent protection against harsh UV rays. Combine that with Mercedes-Benz’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 5-star safety ratings, and honestly, does any other pairing make more sense here in the southwest?
What a perfect way to start the season in style—right after you get your oil changed of course. So, what are your plans for the next few months?

Do you and your sweetheart want to sneak out of town? Can we make a suggestion or two? How about packing up those swimsuits, sliding her cocktail dress into the backseat, and hitting the road in your Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Go ahead and cruise down that dusty one hundred mile stretch of wind and anticipation on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. Just be sure to slip on your pair of classically retrospective Kawika’s before you go. Be careful, though! With their seven lens colors and four frame styles, you will have your lady begging you to head back to St. George, so she can buy her own pair (Hint: she might like hers in black gloss and Maui rose).
Or are you the family chauffeur? Are you, your GLB 250, and four of your pre-teen daughters’ best friends anticipating a long drive between soccer games in Cedar City and Mesquite? It is completely acceptable to hide behind a pair of the sleek and nostalgic Mavericks as those girls blast the latest Taylor Swift album (Hint: try these in bronze on gold combo). Let’s just clarify, though, there really isn’t a need for speed.
How about next Sunday afternoon? Were you and your friends planning to drive out to the Sand Hollow Reservoir in your G-Class? Well, strap those paddleboards and kayaks to the roof, pack those ice filled coolers into the back, and hand your husband a pair of the men’s waterproof Big Wave’s (Hint: black matte/blue Hawaii is a very popular combo). These generously sized frames are specifically designed to surround his eyes and protect them from water surface glare.
But wait, it actually gets better. Not only do Maui Jim’s make perfect sense in your constant battle with our unforgiving desert climate, but they also come in bifocal reading sunglasses. You can create your own stress and hassle-free environment by never having to carry two pairs of glasses again. Watch your husband and those friends of his haul the paddleboards off your G-Class while you read some 50 Shades and soak up the sun. All from behind your customizable cat-eye ‘Olu’olu bifocals that help protect your eyes from their own special form of sunburn (Hint: these ones are scratch resistant).

You can see that just like Mercedes-Benz, Maui Jim has done their homework. They know what you, the consumer, needs. They know what you, the consumer, wants. Mercedes and Maui understand that life is not just about mechanics and functionality, it is also about the experiences. Here in the St. George, Cedar City and Mesquite area we have a lot of experiencing to do. Life is too short to miss out on all that spectacular southern Utah has to offer. From hiking Angel’s Landing to cliff jumping at Sand Hollow to cruising through the Virgin River Gorge be sure to take the best pair of sunglasses you will ever own with you.
But, perhaps you aren’t as outdoorsy as some of the people around here. Maybe you are part of the other half of the St. George, Cedar City and Mesquite population, and your trips to the lake are far less frequent than your trips to the water cooler.
Does your daily vista come from a fancy desktop wallpaper that you snagged off the Maui Jim website?
Do you find yourself on conference calls to Salt Lake City more often than in night clubs in Las Vegas? Is your Zoom fashion on point?
Is your GLB 250 more frequently packed with your real estate clients than with your kids?
Does your G-Class sport your company logo?

Well, you are definitely in for a treat. Believe it or not, Maui Jim also comes in blue light blocking lenses. These frames may have less excitingly descriptive names such as the MJ02401, MJ02402, or MJ02206, but they still know how to make a bold statement. Computer glasses have never looked so fashionable.
Now, you can drive that S-Class to your board meeting, switch out your Kawika’s for some MJ02401’s, and sit in confidence (Hint: try the Dark Tortoise/Translucent Blue). As everyone else is squinting and rubbing their eyes, you can know that you have protected yourself with top-of-the-line blue light reflecting lenses.
The reality is, just like Mercedes-Benz, Maui Jim is excellent for any activity. That is why we are an authorized retailer.
Why are you still squinting your way through life? Stop the eye stress and save yourself some time at the eye doctor by grabbing some for yourself. Come over to Mercedes-Benz of St. George on Blackridge Drive and purchase a pair of the best sunglasses you will ever own.

Still not convinced? Well, don’t forget the warranty coverage! Mercedes and Maui both understand the power and value of a quality product. We also appreciate your desire to maintain your investment. That’s why we both offer robust warranties on our products. Just like the top-notch service center at Mercedes-Benz of St. George can help keep your vehicle running well beyond an average vehicle’s expected lifespan, Maui Jim also offers warranty and accidental damage repairs on their sunglasses.
So, whether you are stuck in traffic in Las Vegas, out of breath on Angel’s Landing, zoning out in another meeting that should have been an email or watching the sun march across the sky outside your window you can be confident in buying a pair of Maui Jim’s. Because when it comes to the question “What are the best sunglasses in St. George, Utah?” Maui Jim is the only answer.

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