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Whether you’re at Mercedes-Benz of St. George because you’re looking for a new car or you’re
getting work done on your current vehicle, the wait is always enjoyable. At
Mercedes-Benz of St. George, we care about our customers. We offer various drinks from our
soda machine, but the thing that most people are excited about is our state-of-the-art Gold Cup
Eccelenza Touch bean-to-cup coffee machine. We know that some dealerships just leave out
the same old pot of coffee all day. Here at Mercedes-Benz of St.George, we want you to enjoy
your time you spend with us, and that’s why we offer a wide selection of delicious beverages.
This state-of-the-art coffee machine features a user-friendly 10.1” touch screen that gives you
total control at the tip of your finger. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just enjoy a cup in
the morning, the Eccelenza Touch gives you a wide array of options so you can have your
coffee just the way you want it.

You’ll have ten different options to choose from that includes French vanilla
coffee, a Latte, or if you want, just a classic cup of coffee and even the best hot chocolate you’ve ever.
You also have the choice to pick from three different sizes as well as strengths. You also have the option to blend the two beans or to choose the Snow Canyon coffee or Silver Bean Coffee. As of right now, we have Snow
Canyon’s Mountain Roast, which is a bold blend with overtones of peanut, hazelnut, and just a
hint of clove and maple syrup. The other bean we offer is Snow Canyon’s Sumatra which is a
dark blend. We change beans regularly, so every cup is fresh and delicious. We only use the finest locally roasted beans from Snow Canyon Coffee. These beans are roasted in Salt Lake, so you know they’re freshly roasted. Snow Canyon
Coffee only sources the highest quality beans and only uses the Loring Smokeless Roasters,
which is better for the environment and the community. The Eccelenza Touch gives you a fresh
cup with bean-to-cup coffee. You are getting the perfect cup of coffee.

At Mercedes-Benz of St.George, we want you to have the best experience no matter what it
may be, and that’s why we use the Eccelenza touch. The Eccelenza Touch is easy to
use. You just place your cup in the beverage receptacle, then you go through the drink options
by swiping right or left through the ten different beverage options. The selected drink title will be
located in a large font at the top of the screen. You can then choose the desired blend that you
want. This indicator can be found in the center of the image of the beverage. You can swipe up
or down to select your choice from a wide selection of blend options. When you find your ideal
blend, it will be in bold font in the center of the drink’s image. You can also choose the size of
your beverage. This indicator can be located on the bottom left-hand side. You can choose an
8oz, 10 oz, or 12 oz option. You also have the choice of what strength of coffee you want. This is
located at the bottom right-hand side, indicated by three different bean options, mild, medium,
and strong. Once you have your coffee the way you like it, press the “Start” button to begin. The
Eccelenza touch will work its magic to give you some of the freshest bean-to-cup coffee you
have ever had. The Eccelenza Touch is an easy-to-use machine and gives you the power to
choose the exact coffee you want.
The Eccelenza Touch doesn’t just make good coffee, but it keeps the environment clean. This
machine is waste-free. No more filling up landfills with coffee filters because this high-tech machine doesn’t use them!
It can also be set to shut off at certain times, so it saves energy! Another great feature about having the Eccelanza Touch is it regularly updates, making an already excellent user experience even better.

Maybe coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry! You can always use our soda fountain and get a wide variety of
refreshing drinks. Our soda machine is equipped with everyone’s favorite type of ice, chewable pebble ice.
We also have a great selection of Coke products, like Sprite, Cherry Coke, and Vitamin water,
just to name a few. Even if you don’t like coffee, you can still use our Eccelenza touch to get hot chocolate or hot milk chocolate. When you get hot chocolate, it just
uses a chocolate mix to make the drink. When you do with the hot milk chocolate, it uses a
high-quality dehydrated milk product at a 50/50 split giving you the perfect balance of chocolate
and milk. You also have the option of hot water if you would like to have tea. We have a wide
selection of Bigelow teas with flavors anywhere from Earl Grey, Green Tea, and more. Nothing tastes better with coffee or any hot drink than a donut. We offer a variety of donuts. Like our cars, no matter what you’re looking for, we have something for you.

We try to make every experience at Mercedes-Benz of St.George the best experience. That’s why
we offer the amenities that we do. We want you to enjoy the time you spend with us. We have comfortable
seating areas with entertainment for you and your family.
At Mercedes-Benz of St. George, it is our goal to ensure you have the most pleasant experience
here, whether that’s from working with any of our staff members to waiting for your car while it gets
worked on. We want your time spent at Mercedes of St. George to be enjoyable. If we can do
that by offering the freshest coffee or a wide variety of beverages and snacks, we are more than
happy to.
We look forward to seeing you at Mercedes-Benz of St. George.


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